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p3 3 3 former ravens defensive poordinator and current old head coordinator and defensive former ravens 3 p,3 some unforrunate news just into our newsroom... former ravens defensive cooodinnttr diaanosed withha serious illnes. illness.the colts will hold a press conference this morning... at whhch ime thhy will introduce his doctor aad offer morr specific information.sources say he'ss been feeling unussal fatigue in recent weeks and had blood tests during the bi-week. &p ,3 for the first time in 15 years... the orioles are on the path to the playoffs. card spot yysterday.tom wild how fans are reacting to on orroles magic plls your other ttp storiee of the morning. 41-thousand fans watchee the o's sweep the boston red sox at home yesterday... and affer the game many of them stayed... to atchhthe rangers... angels gaaes on the big screen at camden yardss.. knowing a playoff spot was brewing... texas rangers beaa the los he aagelessangels in the second gaae of a double headerr. clinched one of the american llague wild caad spots. something some generations of o's fans... avv ne
require the county to provide for leopold's defense...if found off the hook and it would be the responsibity of leopold to pay up. joy lepola fox 45 news att5:30. the owner of the recher theater says he's not to blame for the fights that broke out last weekend in towson. but now he's worried about his business being punished - as a . unruly crowd gathered outside on york road saturday iiht after being turned away from a private event aa the theater. iiside, a charity fundrriser waa being hostee by a fraternity. police ended up being caaled to clear the crrwd. several people were arrested.the county execctive is now questtoning the tteater's liquor license - and their policy renting to outside promoters. 3<"we've haa outside promoters for jam bands, rock bands, for emo bands... for charities.> charities."> the event waa never posted on the theater's website. the ooner thinks worr simply spread through ocial media.. new thhs orning...soldiers at fort meade noowhave to undergo mandatory suicide prevention prainiig.leaders of the army pnstallation have s
martin. 3 zimmerman is pleading not guilty, claiming self-defense. the question of whose d-n-a is on the gun and holster could play a major role in zimmerman's defense. forrnsic tests made public wednesday show george ideettfied on tth grip of the gun usee to kkll trryvon marttn. a... bizarre pccident... ttis morning... in massachuusett... a... truck... ccreenss.. off the road.../ nn... into... another truck../. after... the driver... uffered a medical &pcondition... at... high speeds..../// police... out... how... the iguree- truck... went airborne...// &p landing... into a parked truck.../ ending up... at... least... six feet... offfthe ground. the ddiver was... rushed... toothe hospittl.../ with expected to survive. 3 &pa ice start to autumn.... bu sooe rain could be mooing in llter this week. week. lets check in with chief meteorologist vytas reid to see when it will arrive. 3 eren says: "why wouud a flightt attendant bring a gun, why would she carry a gun, i don't " a flight attendant
... baatimore ...ravens defensive coordinator ... &pand... current... head coach for the inniaaapolis colts.../ chuck pagann... is... battling . leukemia. pagano... will undergo .... p ffur. pix months of treatment... / includinn... chemotherapy.../ to... &ptrrat...leukemia...///.it's.. considered... one of the more curable forms &p... of... the disease.../ with a high ercentagee.. ...of remission...///.colts owner... jim ddes not anticipate pagano... returning to the colts... innfull- time capacity this season. 3 a... otee ...watchdog group ... &p says... it... has... evidence of fraud... in... maryland's... voter oll. rolls. and as john rydell reports...thatincludes allegations of some folks declared dead... dead... (rydell) ""there have been cathy on a ."-3 mission. as head of the group election only started to reviiw.... maryland's voter rolls. but kelleher says...she's evidence that a few people who - registered to vote...are usinn the names of those who have died. and...some...still li
requires the ounty to provide for leopoll's defense... if found guilty it would be the county execctive who would be exppcted ttopay up. a settlement is reached in a involving pepper-sprayed caliioonia.screaming nats nats you're looking at video fromm last november... when police used pepper spray to lear out annoccupy encampment. thh school is now offering to pay thhusandddollars each... as part of a proposed settlement. the college says the officer involved in the incident is no longer working at the uniivrsity. new scam... targeting seniors.theives arr etting their hands on personal information... like names and bank account nummers... then re-routing social security benefits o their own accounts. &ptime the social security admiinstration prepares to switth all beneficiaries to direct deposit... instead of nearly 16-hundded transport wwrkers union employees have accepted an early retirement offer... from american airlines. airlines.the airline says the "early out" offer could rrduce the nummer of furloughs needed &pdurinn itt bankruptcy pestructuring plan. &pmeenwhiie... the airli
for leopold's defense../. if... p ound ggilty../. it... wwuld be... leepold... who... ould be expected... to... pay 3 3 arrived... ith a pledgg... to... hold the spending.../ and... avoid... thical lapses...///. has... the... freshhan class... of... tte... 112--th... congress... lived up... to... its promises? patrice... harris... teamed upp.. with ouu... media aatner,.../ the... "waahhngton eaaure performance...3 against... . pledge. [everything except stills is in wednesday hd bii "congress emptyypromises" wbffócongressóemptyóprommiee]] [ntssdd ets taking off or laaningggreat natsnd]trt=:02 class of congressmen -- in n recenttmemory -- arrived in wassingtonnnearly twooyears ago...promising to shake up the beetway.[sot solomon &pintervvew]sot in :54 "deepite the rhetoric most freshman in congress, most of the tea party freshman acc pretty much like every other congressman." trt=:06 we measured promisees against performance using free trips as a 'gauge.'[graphic titled frequent
and defensively. we made plays when we needdd to... ed reed 5310 we wanttd to dominaae, a certain way, but is not always the case. case. the rrvens can nowwsit back and watch the refs work this weekeed, during tteirr10 day break before taking on livv in fells point,, oel dd &p3th, fox 45 morning news. 3 first on fox...a baltimore man says a mistake in courr records costs him an additional 40-days in jail. jail. last ssptember, a judge pentenced michhel sudano to 66-days in jail for two misdemeanor convictions.... courttrecords was not 60-dayss from his jail cell, sudano wrot with guards. but it took an additional 40-days before &phis records were correcteddan sudano was rellased. 3 notting i could do but write pnd nobody did and as the days - ggt longer and longerrit became obvious that nothing was going to haapen." happen." thursday orning , sudaao slapped the state with a &plawsuit alleging gross negligence and false yet to comment. the state has a string of home burglaries are under investigation in howard county, this morning. morning. pollce say week in neighborhoods
- egough ones. anddwe had our hands full offensively and defensively. we made layy when we needed to... ed reed 5310 we wanted to dominnte, a plways tte cass. case. the ravens can now sit baak aad watch the refs work this weekend, during their 100 kknsasscity.efore taking on 3 kaasas city.before taking on their 10 day breakkweekeed, during wwrk this watch the refs now sit back and the ravvns can now sittbackkaad watch the refs work thhs weekend, during their 11 day break before taking on kansas city. live in fells point, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. 3 a wommn is taken to the hospital after aa2 alarm fire in anneearundel happened justtbefore 4 this morring on b treet in lothian. an 80 year old woman is beeig treated for moke innalatton at a local hospital.. and seven people have been word oo cause of the fire. a pedestrian is hittby a truck. police say the person who was hit was standiig on the corner of west franklin street and poplaa grove in northweett ttey were appareetly standing at a bus stop just before 7 this morning when they were hit.ther
personnel who want to show defense seeretary leon panetta says the talibbn is trying to undermine our trustt in afghan security ffrces. and the chairmmn of the joint chiefs of staff says that strategy won't work dempsey says: "one afghan army commander told me, insider attacks are an affront to their honor at oods wwth their culture ann thhir faith. as for us we're adaptiig to that's what professional militaries doo"doocy says: "the number of deaths from insider attacks has risen dramatically. from 20 two years agg. to 35 last year. and 53 this far. even as both sides re working harddto stoo them. ith americcns beefinggup security on joint missions. and afghans amping up background checks on recruits. n washinggon, peter doocc, fox news." ,3 advice for students and parents getting eady for the maximize yourrchances of getting into the school of your choice... cominn up. &presidents in mount washington take to the streets.the message they were trying to get out, about their &p 3 neighhorhood. 3 great day to get outside and enjoy the weather. and people that. they held v
to get rid of junk food in schools... which it says is part of the problem.each year... the defense department spends an eetimated one-billion-dollars on obesity-related mediial pare for active duty members, theii families and veterans. f you can't get by each ans. morning ithhut your cup of joe... you're not alone. alone.according to a new survey... most professionals feel more productive at wook... when theyydrink coffee. wwrkers who drink thh most... are food preparation and service workers.also on the list are scientiits, sales reps, markeeing professionals a late night drive and a few beersslanded a ppt squirrel in trouble with its owner,,and with the law. wwrren michael admits too drinking, saturday night... aan was driviig with his pet squirrel... hen he was pulled . over.according to police reports... he told the officer.. he hadda squireel out the animal... from under he wasn't eating him, he was just crrwling around in his &presting on myyshirtshe does seem very friendly.she is. is.the man was taken to jail... and his girrfriend... showed up and took theii pet home.the s
and - defensively. we mmde plays when we needed too.. ed reed 5310 we wwnted to dommnate, a certain way, bt its not always the case. case. the ravens can now sit back and watch the refs wook this weekend, during their 10 pay break beforr takinngon kansas city. 3&live in fells point, jjel d. smiih, ffx 45 morning news..- first on fox....abaltimore man says a mistake n courtt records costs him n addittonal 40-days ii jaill jail. lass septemmbr... a judge sennenced michael sudaao to 60-days n jail forrtwo misdemeanor convictions.... pbut what was recorded in but a six-month sentence. from his jail cell, sudano wrote the courts and pleaded with guards. buttit tooo an additionall400days before his ecords were coorrcted and sudano was released. (10:56:44) "there was nothhng iicould do but write and nobody did and as tte days got onger and longgr it became obvious that nothing wassgoing to happen." happen." thuusday orning , sudano sllpped the state with a lawsuut alleging groos negligeece and falle imprisonment. the state has yet to comment. supporrers of the aryland &pcampaign satur
-public parts because he had withdrawn from the school. the defense argues that those allegations are falss....and that holmes is mentally iil. but prosecutors suggest holmes was angry about his ffiling academic career. holmes faces 152 charges related to the shooting that 588others. eople and injured a ttp into one oo the &ppations most ffmous cold case led police to dig up a privvwayyin detroii. ájimmy hoffaá ...the union officials disappeared in 19-75. hh's presumed dead...but hii body has never been found. but last month a tipster told police he'ddseenn someone buried near the home. samples which will be analyzed to see if eviience oo human remains are ffund. "i don't think it's mr. hoffa- it'd be great if it was because i'd love to bring hunddeds of thoussnds of &pteamsters that idolize this michigan. just to southeastern officials are also a bit skeptical because they ssy the mob woull have nnver taken hoffa's body to this residential nnighborhood whhre parts were found in today'ss search. a man snatches an expensive puppy from a pennsylvania pet store....and its all caught on camer
on here? >> chris: defense secretary panetta, finally calling the benghazi assault an act of terrorism. while republican senator bob corker joins a growing number of officials questioning whether the obama administration was involved in a cover-up. and, we're back now with the panel. the director of national intelligence issued an extraordinary statement friday afternoon, that their initial information was, that it was a spontaneous protest, but since then they got new information, they revised their assessment, and they now believe it was a deliberate, quoted, deliberate and organized terrorist attack. question, bill: does that get the obama white house off the hook in their shifting explanations of what happened in benghazi? >> well, it shouldn't because it was clear, it was a terrorist attack and leon panetta said it was obviously an attack, before susan rice said it was a spontaneous protest about a video and the president has a big investment in the narrative, is usama bin laden dead an al-queda finished and, it turns out al qaeda and affiliates, al-sharia are capable of launching
. damages are a &pllw equiree thh county to provide for leopold's defense... if found guuity itt would bb the county executive who would be expecced to pay up. the hits keep ccming for baltimore.just days after baltimore was ranked one of phe dirtiest cities in the country... itts now on the census bureeu... baltimore is - the 22nddpoorest large city in thh finds that 1 in 4 residents living in poverty. poverty.the median income in the city... is around 39 thousand dolllas and the aaerage home value is washington d-c... on he other hand... is ranked the third wealthiest city in the countryy carroll county takes its first steps towards making engliih its official languageetoday..-t will ask tte board of emaker - commissioners to introduueethe plan.. officcal actions oo the county would be written and presented in english only.but county emplooees and elected officials coold stilll communicate in any llnguage for unofffcial business. shoemaker says it will ave the county in the future when t comes to printing costs.hen "weere asking people wwen communicatiig with couuty gover
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14